A Castle, a Church and a Schoolroom - Holy Trinity, Millom

On the outskirts of Millom is the area known as Holy Trinity, a site linking three heritage buildings that are often over looked.

The buildings here aren't actually in Furness but they are so close that they are certainly worth talking about in this extra blog post.

The three buildings are Millom Castle, Holy Trinity Church and the Old Schoolroom. The Church and Schoolroom are open for the public to visit on various occasions, but the Castle is closed to the public. It is currently a working farm and family home so the public are not permitted to enter, but from the church yard you can see some of the castle ruins and an information board.

Instead of writing out all the information about this site we have the opportunity to show you some videos about it! Iron Shepherds chairman Stuart, through his business, was enlisted to produce the following videos all about the site a year or two ago. Each video lasts approximately 5 minutes each and are presented by two local girls Melissa and Rebecca Bell. Take the time to find out about these brilliant but lesser known heritage gems.

Millom Castle - the site dates back to the 12th Century when it was a wooden built motte and bailey castle. It was not until the 14th Century that it was built in stone.

Holy Trinity Church - A church has stood at this site since 1120 AD and many features from the churches past can be discovered inside and around the building. The site also holds some artefacts from earlier history.

The Old Schoolroom - A Victorian building erected to provide education for local children. Today it is used by the Scouts as well as the local community.

Holy Trinity is a fascinating site to explore and well worth a visit! Many public footpaths lead to the area and it can be easily found by car just off the A5093 to Millom.

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