Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Furness Heritage Sites by Night

The heritage sites across Furness are beautiful and captivating by day but of the night they become even more awe inspiring!

In this post I will showcase a variety of images taken at nighttime of different heritage sites from across the area. All these sites can be easily viewed at night and they truly are stunning! So take a moment and enjoy these 5 starry photos.

Birkrigg Stone Circle

A magical site in the day but visiting the ancient stones of a night-time brings a whole new dimension to this amazing place. Well worth a visit if you are willing to brace the cold!

Ulverston Canal
The mile long stretch of water is quite the tranquil setting and it is even more so come the night. Silence takes over with just the faint sounds of night-time wildlife and the lapping of water.

Dalton Castle
This small but imposing Medieval peel tower is a lasting reminder of Dalton's ancient heritage and is a great attraction to look around. Come the night though it seems that little more impressive in front of the star filled sky. 

Gleaston Castle

The ruins of Gleaston Castle that lie in a field just outside the village are lovely by day but by night become something even more enchanting. The stars above, the clouds passing by and the fiery orange glow from the distant towns burning up the horizon! 

Furness Abbey

Furness Abbey is the jewel in the crown of Furness heritage and is stunning, tranquil and dominating in the day but at night it becomes spell binding and magical with stars glistening above and the moon lighting the earthy red stone. You can't enter the site of a night but you can see the ruins from the road that rings around it, that is where this photo was taken from. Although I strongly advise visiting in the day for a proper look around inside.


The final three sites featured here are attractions or privately owned and thus are not accessible by night. Dalton Castle is open for viewing inside on a selection of days throughout the summer and is certainly worth a look, it can though be viewed from the outside whenever. Furness Abbey is open to view inside on Saturday and Sunday during the winter and 7 days a week in the summer but can be seen from the roadside. Gleaston Castle is privately owned and is not accessible to the public at all but is easily viewed from the road that runs by it.

All images Copyright © Iron Shepherds Living History/Stuart Appley