Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Aldingham Moated Manor from the Air | VIDEO

On the outskirts of Aldingham there is a raised earthwork surrounded by water on all sides, this is Aldingham Moated Manor.

This Moated Manor is closely linked to the motte and bailey castle, which we showcased in the previous episode of 'Heritage From the Air'.

During the 13th Century the family living at the motte and bailey castle, the Le Fleming's who built it in the early 1100s, needed to move because of coastal erosion. Due to this they built a new moated manor a short distance inland from the castle.

The manor consists of a mound surrounded by a moat for defence. The mound would have had a wooden structure built upon it, forming a new home for the family. This would have likely been surrounded by a wooden palisade, creating further defence.

In this new aerial video you can clearly see the moated manor and get a sense of it's incredible surroundings:

Video footage Copyright © Furness Hidden Heritage 2018, all rights reserved.

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